Colorado River / Lake Mead 25

coloradoriver25-049 coloradoriver25-028  I came across a several cairns made by hikers to mark their trails. coloradoriver25-031 coloradoriver25-033
coloradoriver25-017 coloradoriver25-013  This one is very interesting, because I have come across this type of marker / alignment in several times before.  One place was about 10 miles south of here and they were very near the river.  Another was in a dry wash about 7 miles inland from the river. coloradoriver25-015 coloradoriver25-004  A very nice mano (used for grinding).
coloradoriver25-005 coloradoriver25-009 coloradoriver25-020  Another tool. coloradoriver25-021
coloradoriver25-023  Possible “hoe” used for trenching or digging. coloradoriver25-026 coloradoriver25-038  Two flaked tools.  One is a side scraper and a possible burin – you can see the “beak”. coloradoriver25-040
coloradoriver25-041 coloradoriver25-046 coloradoriver25-053  A rock ring. coloradoriver25-055
coloradoriver25-056 coloradoriver25-059  A stone lined path leading to a rock ring. coloradoriver25-060  A rock ring. coloradoriver25-063
coloradoriver25-065 coloradoriver25-068  This site left me a bit bewildered.  It is a stone alignment / fence / marker about 500’ long ranging in height from one rock to three rocks.  Most of it parallels the river following the terrain.  It starts in a dry wash / drainage and ends in a wash and is contiguous for the entire 500’ except for a few small places.  Near the end of the rock alignment overlooking the river is a rock ring.  I have not found any mines in the immediate vicinity nor any type of structure.  There is areal possibility that whatever it was originally associated with is now submerged under the waters of Lake Mojave. coloradoriver25-070 coloradoriver25-075
coloradoriver25-072 coloradoriver25-076 coloradoriver25-079 coloradoriver25-081
coloradoriver25-082 coloradoriver25-088 coloradoriver25-091 coloradoriver25-092  Possible rock ring is at about halfway along the alignment and the scraper was nearby.
coloradoriver25-085 coloradoriver25-087 coloradoriver25-095 coloradoriver25-097
coloradoriver25-099 coloradoriver25-100 coloradoriver25-111 coloradoriver25-112
coloradoriver25-114 coloradoriver25-121 coloradoriver25-116  This half ring is in the wash near the end. coloradoriver25-103
coloradoriver25-105 coloradoriver25-119 coloradoriver25-123 coloradoriver25-125
coloradoriver25-127 coloradoriver25-129 coloradoriver25-106  The rock ring is near the end of the alignment. coloradoriver25-109
coloradoriver25-135 coloradoriver25-137  There is a small pile of rocks next to the rock ring. coloradoriver25-140 coloradoriver25-139
coloradoriver25-143  The heat drove this guy (a Panamint Rattlesnake) down to the water’s edge to cool off in the mud.