Colorado River / Lake Mead 26

coloradoriver26-014  It was a great trip, the weather was perfect, until about 3 hours into the search when we found… (next 2 photos). coloradoriver26-104  I am pretty sure that the people that camped here 500 years ago didn’t make arrows or pointers that looks like a modern arrow.  I am guessing that it was made within the last decade or so. coloradoriver26-103 coloradoriver26-016  Possible fire / cooking ring.  We did not see any evidence that people used any of the sites that we found within the last decade or two, but after finding the “arrow”, many of the things we located are suspect.
coloradoriver26-019 coloradoriver26-005  This possible directional pointer is typical of others that I have found along the river, wider at the base and narrower at the point. coloradoriver26-007 coloradoriver26-010  Unknown rock arrangement.
coloradoriver26-022  A half ring open to the North. coloradoriver26-024 coloradoriver26-027  Rock ring. coloradoriver26-031
coloradoriver26-032 coloradoriver26-037 coloradoriver26-039  In this semi-cleared area is a boot-shaped area facing towards the left (see next photo).  Part of the edges are rock lined which can be made out using a little imagination.  Near the center of this boot-shaped clearing is a small pile of stones and I am sure there is a normal explanation for the pile such as “a little kid was camping with his family, got bored, and piled up the stones”.  What makes me interested in this scene is the similarity to the “Healing Stones” on my Colorado River 22. coloradoriver26-039c  The “boot-shape” area is outlined in white.
coloradoriver26-041  This is the pile of stones that is similar to the stones on my Colorado River 22. coloradoriver26-043  Rock arrangement and part of a rock ring. coloradoriver26-046 coloradoriver26-048  Rock ring and a small alignment of rock in foreground.
coloradoriver26-050 coloradoriver26-052  Another directional marker. coloradoriver26-052b coloradoriver26-054  Rock alignment.
coloradoriver26-056  Flaked tool. coloradoriver26-059 coloradoriver26-062 coloradoriver26-066  Rock ring with center stone.  See next photo.
coloradoriver26-066b coloradoriver26-068 coloradoriver26-068b  Same ring as in previous photo except the smaller lower ring with center stones is visible. coloradoriver26-070
coloradoriver26-072 coloradoriver26-074 coloradoriver26-075  Rock grouping.  Possible directional marker. coloradoriver26-077
coloradoriver26-080 coloradoriver26-081  Rock ring. coloradoriver26-081b coloradoriver26-083
coloradoriver26-089 coloradoriver26-091  There are two rock groupings and two parallel rows of rocks. coloradoriver26-093 coloradoriver26-094
coloradoriver26-094b coloradoriver26-095 coloradoriver26-097  Rock ring. coloradoriver26-101
coloradoriver26-100 coloradoriver26-106 coloradoriver26-106a coloradoriver26-108  Parallel rows.
coloradoriver26-110 coloradoriver26-115 coloradoriver26-119  A rock grouping in foreground and a rock ring or sleeping depression in the background. coloradoriver26-121
coloradoriver26-123 coloradoriver26-124 coloradoriver26-127  Flaked tool. coloradoriver26-128
coloradoriver26-131 coloradoriver26-132  Another tool. coloradoriver26-134 coloradoriver26-136
coloradoriver26-138 coloradoriver26-139  Cleared areas like this are not normal. coloradoriver26-141 coloradoriver26-144  Rock grouping in foreground and circular cleared area in the background.  This type of area could be anything from habitat to ceremonial.
coloradoriver26-146 coloradoriver26-148  Rock ring. coloradoriver26-150 coloradoriver26-151  In this photo there are 4 to 6 circular depressions in the soil.
coloradoriver26-154  A really nice mortar in this large rock. coloradoriver26-156 coloradoriver26-158 coloradoriver26-160
coloradoriver26-163  Rock ring. coloradoriver26-165 coloradoriver26-166 coloradoriver26-169  This is another rock ring and in it are the small stones similar to the ones earlier in this slide show.
coloradoriver26-085  I saw hundreds of carp as I was walking along the cliffs above the river.