Colorado River / Lake Mead 27

coloradoriver27-028  The next several photos are of the trail.  The first two photos are looking towards the river and the last two are looking inland. coloradoriver27-048 coloradoriver27-054 coloradoriver27-046
coloradoriver27-055 coloradoriver27-044  There are two half circles near the trail.  The lower one has an upright stone (lower center). coloradoriver27-042 coloradoriver27-038
coloradoriver27-039  Upright stone. coloradoriver27-052  Possible sleeping ring. coloradoriver27-061  This small ring that may have been utilitarian according to a research paper dealing with rock rings in California.  Some of the small ones (rings) were used as “holders” for baskets and because of the sites proximity to the Colorado River, it may be true in this case. coloradoriver27-060
coloradoriver27-063  Possible directional marker. coloradoriver27-077  At the base of this hill there are several shelters that may have been used by travelers along this section of the trail. coloradoriver27-066 coloradoriver27-084  Another half ring.
coloradoriver27-082 coloradoriver27-091  A mortar / metate or bowl? coloradoriver27-090 coloradoriver27-094  An old Log Cabin syrup can.
coloradoriver27-095  A local. coloradoriver27-099 coloradoriver27-031  … and part of an ex-local. coloradoriver27-030