Cottonwood Cove South 1

cottonwoodcovesouth1-012  This is one of several places that we came across that was probably a sleeping area.  It appeared to be depression with rocks around the perimeter, but the rocks were more haphazard than ordered. cottonwoodcovesouth1-013  Small rock groupings like this were fairly common. cottonwoodcovesouth1-014 cottonwoodcovesouth1-016  We found three of these groups or alignments.  There are a couple of ways to look at these groupings: first that they are historic, or second that they are really old and I am thinking old.  It may be a coincidence, but in all three cases the long axis (the 3 or 4 rocks) points towards Cottonwood Cove.  The short axis (the single rock) in all cases points up the ridgeline – a westerly direction.
cottonwoodcovesouth1-018 cottonwoodcovesouth1-028  Depression and possible directional marker.  This second marker just happens to be next to a large depression or sleeping circle. cottonwoodcovesouth1-026 cottonwoodcovesouth1-021  The three-rock marker also points (long axis) towards Cottonwood Cove and the single rock points up the ridgeline.
cottonwoodcovesouth1-019 cottonwoodcovesouth1-037  Rock ring with opening pointing towards Black Mountain, which is just west of Cottonwood Cove. cottonwoodcovesouth1-039 cottonwoodcovesouth1-055  Another small rock ring with opening facing Black mountain.
cottonwoodcovesouth1-045 cottonwoodcovesouth1-048 cottonwoodcovesouth1-042  A small rock grouping. cottonwoodcovesouth1-059  This grouping of rocks appears also to be a directional marker.
cottonwoodcovesouth1-061 cottonwoodcovesouth1-062  Possible trail. cottonwoodcovesouth1-071  Rock ring with center stone. cottonwoodcovesouth1-074
cottonwoodcovesouth1-075 cottonwoodcovesouth1-105  A small cluster of stones. cottonwoodcovesouth1-109  A large depression approximately 15’ to 18’ across. cottonwoodcovesouth1-112  A small depression or sleeping circle approximately 4’ across.
cottonwoodcovesouth1-113 cottonwoodcovesouth1-116  The rocks in this grouping appeared to have been placed in a double row about 18” apart. cottonwoodcovesouth1-135  A rock cluster. cottonwoodcovesouth1-136
cottonwoodcovesouth1-138  Rock ring. cottonwoodcovesouth1-150  This is the last alignment or directional marker that we found on this trip.  The five-rock marker also points (long axis) towards Cottonwood Cove and the single rock points up the ridgeline. cottonwoodcovesouth1-153 cottonwoodcovesouth1-144
cottonwoodcovesouth1-080  Occasionally when hiking in the Nevada desert we come across historic military artifacts.  I put pictures of these on my Facebook site and the consensus was that they are WWll 75mm tank shells.  We located two of them about 200 yards apart and both pointing in exactly the same direction.  We assumed that they were target rounds and not live explosives because they lacked fused tips.  This was confirmed by one other person, but 9 out of 10 people warned us to stay away.  We are still looking for a military person who is an expert in this type of thing. cottonwoodcovesouth1-082  Shell #1 Both rounds are 75mm in diameter at the base and 230mm in length (3” by 9”).  Estimated weight is between 15 to 20lbs each.  On the base of one is stamped RR and on the other is OA.  Also the ring at the base is different on both. cottonwoodcovesouth1-090 cottonwoodcovesouth1-101
cottonwoodcovesouth1-102 cottonwoodcovesouth1-129  Shell #2 Weight and dimensions are the same as shell #1, but the base ring is different. cottonwoodcovesouth1-123 cottonwoodcovesouth1-121
cottonwoodcovesouth1-125 cottonwoodcovesouth1-127 cottonwoodcovesouth1-157  This cemetery is a short distance off of Cottonwood Cove Road and we passed it on the way in and figured we would stop by on our way out.  There is no sign on the cemetery designating its name, but a quick Internet search reveals it is called Six Mile-Cottonwood Cove Cemetery, aka Cottonwood Cove Cemetery, and aka Toby Park Cemetery.  We elected not to show names of the people buried there, but if you are interested, they are listed on cemetery websites.  The oldest we found was born in 1878 and died in 1959 and the most current died in 2003.  There were several military people from WWI and WWII buried there and they were listed as an Engineer, Ambulance Co, and a Wagoner US Army.  Also at the rear of the cemetery was a separate pet section. cottonwoodcovesouth1-166
cottonwoodcovesouth1-173 cottonwoodcovesouth1-182 cottonwoodcovesouth1-188 cottonwoodcovesouth1-194
cottonwoodcovesouth1-200  This is the pet section of the cemetery.