Cottonwood Cove South 2

cottonwoodcovesouth2-006  This is typical of the rock rings that we are finding in this area.  They are fairly complete with an opening facing towards Black Mountain or Cottonwood Cove.  This could be a coincidence, but it also makes me wonder if there is something other than the known petroglyph sites in that area that might have been of importance to the people that originally visited the area. cottonwoodcovesouth2-010 cottonwoodcovesouth2-012 cottonwoodcovesouth2-020  Beyond the ring is a depression which might be a sleeping area.
cottonwoodcovesouth2-017  A rock grouping. cottonwoodcovesouth2-022 cottonwoodcovesouth2-024 cottonwoodcovesouth2-034  A small rock ring, or storage area, or??
cottonwoodcovesouth2-029 cottonwoodcovesouth2-025  When I first saw this I thought it might be a very worn petroglyph especially since it was next to the preceding rock grouping.  I enhanced the photo every way that I could, and I could not see a glyph on the rock. cottonwoodcovesouth2-028 cottonwoodcovesouth2-036  There are two very small rock ring-like groupings in this photo. One is in the lower center and the better of the two is in the upper left of this photo.
cottonwoodcovesouth2-041  This small ring-like grouping has an opening, like its brethren open towards the cove or Black Mountain.  There may be a tie between the small and much larger version of the rings, but all that I can do at this time is speculate about it. cottonwoodcovesouth2-044  This particular ring is located near the smaller in the preceding photos. cottonwoodcovesouth2-047 cottonwoodcovesouth2-049  Possible parallel rock alignments.
cottonwoodcovesouth2-051 cottonwoodcovesouth2-053 cottonwoodcovesouth2-055  Small rock grouping. cottonwoodcovesouth2-059
cottonwoodcovesouth2-064  A rock ring with a tail. cottonwoodcovesouth2-062 cottonwoodcovesouth2-066  This is one of several small (under 24”) rock rings. cottonwoodcovesouth2-070
cottonwoodcovesouth2-071  A half rock ring. cottonwoodcovesouth2-073 cottonwoodcovesouth2-076  The half ring is about 30’ from a large depression (upper right). cottonwoodcovesouth2-078
cottonwoodcovesouth2-082 cottonwoodcovesouth2-085  Rock grouping. cottonwoodcovesouth2-088 cottonwoodcovesouth2-092  A larger rock ring measuring about 7’ across.
cottonwoodcovesouth2-093 cottonwoodcovesouth2-097 cottonwoodcovesouth2-099 cottonwoodcovesouth2-102
cottonwoodcovesouth2-104  Rock grouping. cottonwoodcovesouth2-106  Rock grouping. cottonwoodcovesouth2-108 cottonwoodcovesouth2-110
cottonwoodcovesouth2-111 cottonwoodcovesouth2-116  A rock ring with upright stone. cottonwoodcovesouth2-118 cottonwoodcovesouth2-120
cottonwoodcovesouth2-121 cottonwoodcovesouth2-125  Another small rock ring with opening. cottonwoodcovesouth2-131 cottonwoodcovesouth2-135
cottonwoodcovesouth2-142  A rock cluster or grouping. cottonwoodcovesouth2-145 cottonwoodcovesouth2-151  A depression or sleeping circle. cottonwoodcovesouth2-154  A large depression with partial rock ring.
cottonwoodcovesouth2-163 cottonwoodcovesouth2-169  An elongated rock ring overlooking the wash. cottonwoodcovesouth2-180 cottonwoodcovesouth2-174
cottonwoodcovesouth2-176 cottonwoodcovesouth2-186  A rock alignment or pointer. cottonwoodcovesouth2-191 cottonwoodcovesouth2-200  A rock cluster or possible pointer (see next photo).
cottonwoodcovesouth2-204 cottonwoodcovesouth2-210