Cotton Wood Cove South 3

cottonwoodcovesouth3-001  I am standing on the Nevada side of Lake Mojave which was formed when Davis Dam on the Colorado River was completed in 1951.  Under ideal conditions the trees in this photo would have been underwater.  Lake water levels are a bit low to say the least.  We used the flat area along the lake edge as quick access to the bluffs a few miles downstream. cottonwoodcovesouth3-002 cottonwoodcovesouth3-147  This photo is looking across the river towards Arizona.  The road pictured may or not be part of the old trail system, I am using it just to illustrate one of our research / search methods.  Using old maps or Google Earth we search for things like this because it might be part of an old trail system.  Many times old trails were used by settlers with wagons, and then by early autos, and over time some of the trails became the roads we use today.  The road in this photo may have been place over an ancient Indian trail that lead to the rivers edge and then crossed into what is now Nevada. cottonwoodcovesouth3-143
cottonwoodcovesouth3-ridge1 cottonwoodcovesouth3-364  The “desert pavement” that appears to be cleared of rocks is typical of what we found on many of the ridge tops.  Some of the cleared areas I am sure have occurred through natural causes, but many of them I feel are man-made.  The rocks appear to be removed from the cleared areas to create either a path, rock alignment, or rock ring.  The paths range from 2’ to 6’ wide and are cleared down to the desert pavement. cottonwoodcovesouth3-008  At this site (Cottonwood Cove South 3) we found many rock piles such as this one.  Other than the obvious, that the rocks were placed there after removing them from the cleared area, there could be other less obvious reasons.  An example would be the rock piles on the "Prehistoric Trading Trail" located on this website.  I have been told that the rocks on the trading trail were placed there as a token for a safe trip either at the start of or the end of the trip.  It may be a similar type of thing at this site, or it could be any number of unknown reasons. cottonwoodcovesouth3-011
cottonwoodcovesouth3-012  We found several alignments in this cross configuration.  There are also 3 small stones places near the center of the alignment. cottonwoodcovesouth3-015  Each arm is about 3’ long on this rock alignment or arrangement. cottonwoodcovesouth3-017  Part of a small rock alignment that points towards a peak on the opposite side of the river.  See next photo. cottonwoodcovesouth3-018
cottonwoodcovesouth3-020 cottonwoodcovesouth3-021  Another rock alignment. cottonwoodcovesouth3-024 cottonwoodcovesouth3-034  On this cleared path is a small ring (lower right), and a small rock alignment going across the path, also from the previous photo.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-031 cottonwoodcovesouth3-026  Some of these small rings under 2’ in diameter may have been used to support baskets or pots. cottonwoodcovesouth3-028 cottonwoodcovesouth3-040  A rock pile or arrangement.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-041  The arrow points to an arrangement that is oval shaped with a point on the lower end. cottonwoodcovesouth3-043 cottonwoodcovesouth3-045 cottonwoodcovesouth3-050  A depression that was probably a sleeping circle.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-052 cottonwoodcovesouth3-054  There is a trail going from bottom to top in the center of photo.  Also on the lower left are two short parallel lines of rocks. cottonwoodcovesouth3-055  The rock alignment in the center of photo points to an unknown place across to the Arizona side of the river. cottonwoodcovesouth3-058
cottonwoodcovesouth3-060 cottonwoodcovesouth3-063  A partial metate. cottonwoodcovesouth3-065 cottonwoodcovesouth3-066
cottonwoodcovesouth3-068  A large stone in the center of a rock arrangement or grouping, with surrounding rocks. cottonwoodcovesouth3-071 cottonwoodcovesouth3-073  I have seen several of these in the Cottonwood Cove area.  They appear to be directional markers. Example: The long side could be suggesting, “follow this path” and the short side of the marker in this case might be suggesting, “don’t turn right” or “turn right at this point”. cottonwoodcovesouth3-074
cottonwoodcovesouth3-077  Another cross-shaped alignment. cottonwoodcovesouth3-078 cottonwoodcovesouth3-083  Another possible path. cottonwoodcovesouth3-085  A very nice rock ring.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-086 cottonwoodcovesouth3-088 cottonwoodcovesouth3-091 cottonwoodcovesouth3-093
cottonwoodcovesouth3-100c  A small diamond shaped arrangement. cottonwoodcovesouth3-101  Another very nice rock ring. cottonwoodcovesouth3-104  A path with a possible sleeping circle in the foreground.  Also a small alignment in the lower left quadrant. cottonwoodcovesouth3-106
cottonwoodcovesouth3-107  This appears to be a rock ring at the end of a cleared path.  It also has a small ring about 20” in diameter attached to it. cottonwoodcovesouth3-110 cottonwoodcovesouth3-111 cottonwoodcovesouth3-112  I found several of these small circles of stones with a center stone at this site.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-114 cottonwoodcovesouth3-118 cottonwoodcovesouth3-117 cottonwoodcovesouth3-120  The stone with the black edge appears to be a large chopper.  The dark edge has been worked.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-124  This is another rock alignment pointing towards the highest peak in the range. cottonwoodcovesouth3-126  This rock ring has what might be a pointer stone (lower center) cottonwoodcovesouth3-128  The small ring (top center) is attached to the previous ring. cottonwoodcovesouth3-133
cottonwoodcovesouth3-135  A path leading to a rock ring under the bush. cottonwoodcovesouth3-136 cottonwoodcovesouth3-138 cottonwoodcovesouth3-141  This rock arrangement has two parallel lines with a hook to the left at the top.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-141c cottonwoodcovesouth3-148  This rock arrangement is pie-shaped with the center filled in. cottonwoodcovesouth3-152 cottonwoodcovesouth3-153
cottonwoodcovesouth3-158  Another cleared path. cottonwoodcovesouth3-165  A rock ring located on the point. cottonwoodcovesouth3-166c cottonwoodcovesouth3-167  Possible sleeping circle.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-170 cottonwoodcovesouth3-171 cottonwoodcovesouth3-173  The alignment points directly to the one peak. cottonwoodcovesouth3-179  A small rock ring.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-187  A small rock grouping with center stone. cottonwoodcovesouth3-189 cottonwoodcovesouth3-192  Oval shaped rock ring. cottonwoodcovesouth3-192c
cottonwoodcovesouth3-197 cottonwoodcovesouth3-200 cottonwoodcovesouth3-202  We found many situations like this one.  There appears to be a possible alignment of rocks going from lower center to upper right out of frame. cottonwoodcovesouth3-202c
cottonwoodcovesouth3-205  A small rock ring with path leading to it. cottonwoodcovesouth3-206 cottonwoodcovesouth3-210  All of the rock rings that we found were located next to or connected to a path. cottonwoodcovesouth3-212
cottonwoodcovesouth3-215 cottonwoodcovesouth3-216 cottonwoodcovesouth3-218  A possible trail marker. cottonwoodcovesouth3-221
cottonwoodcovesouth3-233  A rock alignment consisting of 4 rocks is pointing to an unknown peak.  The first rock is part of the trail marker. cottonwoodcovesouth3-233c cottonwoodcovesouth3-234 cottonwoodcovesouth3-223  Possible chopper.  There appears to be alternating flaked areas along the top edge.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-231 cottonwoodcovesouth3-236  A set of parallel rows of stones. cottonwoodcovesouth3-236c cottonwoodcovesouth3-239
cottonwoodcovesouth3-242  A small U-shaped arrangement with a 3-rock tail. cottonwoodcovesouth3-244  This arrangement is very similar to the one in the previous photo. cottonwoodcovesouth3-246  Rock arrangement with center stone. cottonwoodcovesouth3-251  Rock arrangement with center stone.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-255  Another rock arrangement. cottonwoodcovesouth3-256 cottonwoodcovesouth3-258 cottonwoodcovesouth3-260  These small circular arrangements were everywhere.  Were they for ceremonial use or as some California researchers suggest a “holder” for a basket or large pot?
cottonwoodcovesouth3-262 cottonwoodcovesouth3-264 cottonwoodcovesouth3-266  An elongated ring. cottonwoodcovesouth3-268
cottonwoodcovesouth3-270  This ring is approximately 4’ in diameter with an opening facing towards Spirit Mountain. cottonwoodcovesouth3-270c cottonwoodcovesouth3-272 cottonwoodcovesouth3-274  These rings are approximately 4’ in diameter with an opening facing towards Black Mountain.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-274c cottonwoodcovesouth3-276 cottonwoodcovesouth3-278  This pile of rocks is also unique.  It’s a group of rocks with two tails.  One tail hooks off to the right and the other one (left one) goes straight down. cottonwoodcovesouth3-281
cottonwoodcovesouth3-281c cottonwoodcovesouth3-282  Another small rock ring with a center stone. cottonwoodcovesouth3-285 cottonwoodcovesouth3-289c  An arrow shaped rock grouping.  Possibly a pointer or directional grouping.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-290 cottonwoodcovesouth3-ridge2 cottonwoodcovesouth3-295  An elongated rock ring that is connected to one of the “paths”. cottonwoodcovesouth3-301
cottonwoodcovesouth3-302 cottonwoodcovesouth3-305  Towards the upper right is a small metate that was possibly used for mixing pigments or ceremonial concoctions. cottonwoodcovesouth3-306 cottonwoodcovesouth3-308
cottonwoodcovesouth3-311 cottonwoodcovesouth3-314 cottonwoodcovesouth3-318  Another small rock ring. cottonwoodcovesouth3-319  This stone was wedged into the ground.  The edged facing up has been worked and may have been used to split or break things open.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-323 cottonwoodcovesouth3-324 cottonwoodcovesouth3-327  The main stones were placed at a right angle, but what is really interesting is the pattern of the smaller stones placed inside of the larger stones forming the angle. cottonwoodcovesouth3-327c
cottonwoodcovesouth3-328 cottonwoodcovesouth3-330  A rock ring. cottonwoodcovesouth3-333 cottonwoodcovesouth3-335
cottonwoodcovesouth3-338 cottonwoodcovesouth3-340  Several rings tied together. cottonwoodcovesouth3-340c cottonwoodcovesouth3-342
cottonwoodcovesouth3-344  Two more smaller rings. cottonwoodcovesouth3-345  Another very small ring. cottonwoodcovesouth3-347  A small ring with a tail. cottonwoodcovesouth3-350
cottonwoodcovesouth3-351 cottonwoodcovesouth3-353  A small ring with a center stone. cottonwoodcovesouth3-355 cottonwoodcovesouth3-357  A cross configuration.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-360 cottonwoodcovesouth3-362  More of the possible “paths”. cottonwoodcovesouth3-367  Along the edge of this ridge are the remains of what may be cairns.  There are 5 of them and they run for about 150’ to 200’ and were noted only in this one area. cottonwoodcovesouth3-370
cottonwoodcovesouth3-371  The arrows point to the cairns. cottonwoodcovesouth3-366 cottonwoodcovesouth3-373 cottonwoodcovesouth3-376
cottonwoodcovesouth3-377 cottonwoodcovesouth3-379 cottonwoodcovesouth3-383  The next few rock rings / alignments / arrangements are unique and are more of a “rock pattern” than rings or alignments. cottonwoodcovesouth3-384
cottonwoodcovesouth3-386 cottonwoodcovesouth3-389 cottonwoodcovesouth3-390 cottonwoodcovesouth3-392  Possible artifact.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-396 cottonwoodcovesouth3-397 cottonwoodcovesouth3-399  A rock alignment pointing to an unknown peak. cottonwoodcovesouth3-399c
cottonwoodcovesouth3-402  This rock arrangement is in the shape of a question mark (?) cottonwoodcovesouth3-402c cottonwoodcovesouth3-406 cottonwoodcovesouth3-408  Another rock ring on the edge of the ridge and next to a path.
cottonwoodcovesouth3-409 cottonwoodcovesouth3-185  This helicopter made over 30 passes starting at the river, heading west and then back towards the river again gradually getting closer to me.  I am assuming that they were doing some close up imaging of the area. cottonwoodcovesouth3a-ridge3 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-003  On this ridge as with the other two we found more rock rings and alignments.  In this photo there are 2 rock rings.
cottonwoodcovesouth3a-007  The arrows point to the rock rings. cottonwoodcovesouth3a-006 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-009c cottonwoodcovesouth3a-012  Possible alignment??  If you sight along my walking stick it points towards a road on the Arizona side of the Colorado River.  That road may have been a trail at one time.
cottonwoodcovesouth3a-013 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-016 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-020  Two small rings possibly used to support baskets or pots. cottonwoodcovesouth3a-021
cottonwoodcovesouth3a-023 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-027 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-025 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-034  Depending on which way you are looking, either towards the hills or towards the river this could be another alignment.  When looking towards the hills over the rock in the foreground and through the two rocks (next photo) in the background you are pointed to a particular place on or in the hills.  If you reverse your direction and stand at the two rocks and sight towards the river you are looking at the same road as in previous photos.  No matter how this alignment was used, it is different than most of the ones we saw in this area.
cottonwoodcovesouth3a-035 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-037  If you sight the opposite directions along the alignment you are looking at the road coming down to the water on the Arizona side of the river. cottonwoodcovesouth3a-039 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-040  A small rock ring, with an opening on the lower end, and has a double row of rocks around it.
cottonwoodcovesouth3a-043 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-047  A curved row of rocks with a small rock ring or grouping (arrow). cottonwoodcovesouth3a-049 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-050  Another curved row of rocks with a large center stone.
cottonwoodcovesouth3a-050c cottonwoodcovesouth3a-053  This rock ring has an opening facing Black Mountain vs. towards Spirit Mountain.  See next photo. cottonwoodcovesouth3a-054 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-059  A rock grouping.
cottonwoodcovesouth3a-065c  This grouping is different from the others of this style that we saw at this site.  This one is about 30” in diameter and in a cleared area. cottonwoodcovesouth3a-065 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-062 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-067  A rock ring with opening to a path.
cottonwoodcovesouth3a-069  This small ring – possible basket or pot holder – is attached to the previous rock ring. cottonwoodcovesouth3a-071 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-079  Can you see the alignment?  It points to the road on the other side of the river. cottonwoodcovesouth3a-075
cottonwoodcovesouth3a-076 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-085  A rock pile with possible pointer stone on top. cottonwoodcovesouth3a-088  A possible…  I am not sure what. cottonwoodcovesouth3a-090  Three rock rings.
cottonwoodcovesouth3a-091 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-093 cottonwoodcovesouth3a-095  A possible pot or basket holder next to one of the rock rings. cottonwoodcovesouth3a-097
cottonwoodcovesouth3a-083  When the alignments are not pointing towards Spirit or Black Mountain they are pointing towards one of the peaks or saddles in this photo. cottonwoodcovesouth3-249