Cottonwood Valley Wash 1

Red Rock National Conservation Area
cottonwoodvalleywash1-093  A side view of the main boulder.  This part of the wash was very near one of the spurs of the Spanish Trail which followed an old Indian trail which was one of the routes from the east side, to the west side of the Spring Mountains. cottonwoodvalleywash1-004 cottonwoodvalleywash1-005  The main boulder. cottonwoodvalleywash1-007
cottonwoodvalleywash1-010 cottonwoodvalleywash1-014 cottonwoodvalleywash1-016 cottonwoodvalleywash1-019
cottonwoodvalleywash1-021 cottonwoodvalleywash1-022 cottonwoodvalleywash1-024 cottonwoodvalleywash1-027
cottonwoodvalleywash1-028 cottonwoodvalleywash1-031 cottonwoodvalleywash1-033 cottonwoodvalleywash1-040
cottonwoodvalleywash1-042 cottonwoodvalleywash1-045 cottonwoodvalleywash1-046 cottonwoodvalleywash1-051
cottonwoodvalleywash1-054 cottonwoodvalleywash1-087 cottonwoodvalleywash1-089 cottonwoodvalleywash1-095
cottonwoodvalleywash1-097 cottonwoodvalleywash1-098 cottonwoodvalleywash1-102 cottonwoodvalleywash1-058  The shelter under the main boulder.
cottonwoodvalleywash1-084 cottonwoodvalleywash1-063  The rock in the center of this photo has cupules on it. cottonwoodvalleywash1-065 cottonwoodvalleywash1-067
cottonwoodvalleywash1-069 cottonwoodvalleywash1-069b  One more cupule on the vertical wall. cottonwoodvalleywash1-072 cottonwoodvalleywash1-081  The rock on the left is above the other rock with the cupules, and has 4 more cupules.
cottonwoodvalleywash1-082 cottonwoodvalleywash1-082b