Cottonwood Valley Wash 11

cottonwoodvalleywash11-029  The stone foundation may have been associated with one of the many old mines in the area, but we didn’t see any artifacts near the cabin foundation that would suggest that it was used for that purpose. Also scattered around the area were rusted cans and other debris that you would expect to find. cottonwoodvalleywash11-031 cottonwoodvalleywash11-033 cottonwoodvalleywash11-028  Artifacts from the cabin.
cottonwoodvalleywash11-030 cottonwoodvalleywash11-032 cottonwoodvalleywash11-011  Roasting pit 1. cottonwoodvalleywash11-016
cottonwoodvalleywash11-013 cottonwoodvalleywash11-015 cottonwoodvalleywash11-019  Possible small pit or … cottonwoodvalleywash11-020  Possible small pit or small rock ring.
cottonwoodvalleywash11-023  Roasting Pits 2 & 3: The larger of the two roasting pits is approximately 6’ deep in the center and 20’ in diameter. This site is pristine with no evidence of vandalism. cottonwoodvalleywash11-025 cottonwoodvalleywash11-024 cottonwoodvalleywash11-022
cottonwoodvalleywash11-026 cottonwoodvalleywash11-007  On a hill top overlooking the valley, we located one of the more interesting sites, which appears to be a possible camping area with several small circular depressions. The depressions are all approximately 4’ to 6’ in diameter and about 4” to 6” deep in the center. In two of areas the limestone rocks have been heated which turns the limestone white. These areas may be small cooking or roasting pits. cottonwoodvalleywash11-008  Note the white limestone rocks. These rocks were probably heated in a cooking fire. cottonwoodvalleywash11-009