Cottonwood Valley Wash 12

cottonwoodvalleywash12-034  Shelter 1: This shelter has a lot of fire blackening on the ceiling, but this area also had a major brush fire come through a few years back and the blackening could be a result of that fire and not a cooking fire. If this is a shelter vs. a mine, there is a chance someone already removed most of the evidence. Just inside the entrance was a ¼ screen along with several areas that looked like they may have been dug. At first we thought the screen had been used over an historic camp fire, but the screen had not been burned. cottonwoodvalleywash12-020 cottonwoodvalleywash12-021 cottonwoodvalleywash12-022
cottonwoodvalleywash12-024 cottonwoodvalleywash12-013  Shelter 2: This is another possible shelter that has some fire blackening on the ceiling, and a possible cooking area. There are no visible artifacts to be able to say positively that this shelter was ever lived in, but because of its proximity to other nearby sites that we located, I would say that there is a better than even chance that this was a habitat site at one time or another. cottonwoodvalleywash12-014 cottonwoodvalleywash12-015
cottonwoodvalleywash12-016 cottonwoodvalleywash12-017 cottonwoodvalleywash12-025 cottonwoodvalleywash12-026
cottonwoodvalleywash12-027 cottonwoodvalleywash12-028 cottonwoodvalleywash12-029 cottonwoodvalleywash12-030
cottonwoodvalleywash12-031 cottonwoodvalleywash12-032 cottonwoodvalleywash12-033 cottonwoodvalleywash12-018  Possible hunting blind: This cairn was located right next to a wash and may have been used as a hunting blind. When we approached the cairn, we spooked two deer that were browsing in the wash very close to the cairn. The big question here is whether it was made last deer season by bow hunters or was it made hundreds of years ago. I like to think the latter, but it was probably made last deer season.
cottonwoodvalleywash12-019  The arrow points to the window in the rocks. cottonwoodvalleywash12-003 cottonwoodvalleywash12-004 cottonwoodvalleywash12-005
cottonwoodvalleywash12-006 cottonwoodvalleywash12-007 cottonwoodvalleywash12-008 cottonwoodvalleywash12-009
cottonwoodvalleywash12-010 cottonwoodvalleywash12-011 cottonwoodvalleywash12-012 cottonwoodvalleywash12-042  This site is also up on a hill above a dry wash and appeared to be a possible habitat site. This site may have been recently visited by archaeologists and I am saying that because of the pink flagging tape that we found marking several areas. The ground was disturbed and any artifacts that may have been found were probably relocated to protect the artifact. What we did note was a partial projectile point and a pottery sherd.
cottonwoodvalleywash12-035  Note flagging tape and the disturbed earth. cottonwoodvalleywash12-037 cottonwoodvalleywash12-023 cottonwoodvalleywash12-001
cottonwoodvalleywash12-002 cottonwoodvalleywash12-036 cottonwoodvalleywash12-038 cottonwoodvalleywash12-039
cottonwoodvalleywash12-040 cottonwoodvalleywash12-041