Cottonwood Valley Wash 13

cottonwoodvalleywash13-001  This first group of rock rings is located near or in what is now the wash.  This rock ring and associated metate / grinding slick were located on a high spot in the dry wash. This particular wash is subject to flooding ever year during the summer months, but somehow this site has managed to survive all these years. The arrow in the photo points to the metate at the end of the rock ring. cottonwoodvalleywash13-002 cottonwoodvalleywash13-003 cottonwoodvalleywash13-004
cottonwoodvalleywash13-005 cottonwoodvalleywash13-006  My walking stick is 48” for reference. cottonwoodvalleywash13-007 cottonwoodvalleywash13-008  This is a U-shaped ring with the opening facing towards the east.
cottonwoodvalleywash13-009  The white line shows the approximate shape of the ring. cottonwoodvalleywash13-011  Another rock ring. cottonwoodvalleywash13-010 cottonwoodvalleywash13-013  This is a double rock ring, with one in the foreground and the other in the background. There is a double row of rocks along the left hand side of the rings. If this is not a double ring, it may be a larger ring in the rear with a storage area in the foreground.
cottonwoodvalleywash13-014 cottonwoodvalleywash13-015  Double rows of stones along the left side as you are facing it. cottonwoodvalleywash13-016  A small ring about 30” across with two possible center stones (white arrows). cottonwoodvalleywash13-017  Horn Coral fossils.
cottonwoodvalleywash13-018 cottonwoodvalleywash13-019 cottonwoodvalleywash13-020  This rock ring is about 5’ by 7’ with an opening facing east. cottonwoodvalleywash13-021
cottonwoodvalleywash13-022  I doubt that there has ever been fish in this wash, but this looks suspiciously like a stone fish trap. Whatever its original purpose, it’s kind of cool. cottonwoodvalleywash13-023 cottonwoodvalleywash13-025  A small rock grouping consisting of six rocks with one near its center. cottonwoodvalleywash13-026
cottonwoodvalleywash13-027  A small rock circle about 30” across. cottonwoodvalleywash13-028 cottonwoodvalleywash13-029  Fossil plant. cottonwoodvalleywash13-030
cottonwoodvalleywash13-031  At the base of this cliff we found a small rock grouping. cottonwoodvalleywash13-034  There is no fire blackening so I ruled out a campfire, and my stick is 48” so you can see it’s small. It’s possibly a pet grave, but I don’t think so. cottonwoodvalleywash13-032 cottonwoodvalleywash13-033
cottonwoodvalleywash13-036  This next group of rock rings is located above the wash.  This half circle is located just above the full rock ring in the next several photos. cottonwoodvalleywash13-041  The full ring is to the left (walking stick) and a partial ring that may have been a storage area is on the right. cottonwoodvalleywash13-038 cottonwoodvalleywash13-037
cottonwoodvalleywash13-039 cottonwoodvalleywash13-040 cottonwoodvalleywash13-042 cottonwoodvalleywash13-043
cottonwoodvalleywash13-044  We found several of these small rock piles; no real evidence of what they were used for. cottonwoodvalleywash13-045 cottonwoodvalleywash13-047 cottonwoodvalleywash13-049  Another partial ring.
cottonwoodvalleywash13-050 cottonwoodvalleywash13-051 cottonwoodvalleywash13-052  There are several different types of fossils in the sandstone. cottonwoodvalleywash13-053
cottonwoodvalleywash13-054 cottonwoodvalleywash13-055 cottonwoodvalleywash13-056 cottonwoodvalleywash13-057
cottonwoodvalleywash13-058 cottonwoodvalleywash13-060  On the way back to the Jeep, we found this small rock ring about 100’ from where we parked. cottonwoodvalleywash13-061 cottonwoodvalleywash13-062
cottonwoodvalleywash13-063  The opening faces east. cottonwoodvalleywash13-064  This right angle configuration just a few feet from the previous rock ring. cottonwoodvalleywash13-065 cottonwoodvalleywash13-066  One last rock ring.