Cottonwood Valley Wash 6

Red Rock National Conservation Area
cottonwoodvalleywash6b-010  This site is composed of two roasting pits.  This site may have been connected to the rock art, but it is located on the opposite side of the highway and about three quarters of a mile away from the main rock art site. cottonwoodvalleywash6b-004 cottonwoodvalleywash6b-005 cottonwoodvalleywash6b-007
cottonwoodvalleywash6b-003 cottonwoodvalleywash6b-008 cottonwoodvalleywash6b-002  A metate. cottonwoodvalleywash6b-011  This roasting pit site is another couple of miles further west from the last roasting pit site.  There are remnants of an old structure nearby.
cottonwoodvalleywash6b-018 cottonwoodvalleywash6b-014 cottonwoodvalleywash6b-016