Cottonwood Valley Wash 8

Red Rock National Conservation Area
cottonwoodvalleywash8-038  This habitat site has several shelters, and a grinding slick.  I was told that a one time there were pottery sherds and flakes all around this site.  Those are long gone. cottonwoodvalleywash8-004 cottonwoodvalleywash8-008 cottonwoodvalleywash8-009
cottonwoodvalleywash8-011 cottonwoodvalleywash8-014 cottonwoodvalleywash8-019 cottonwoodvalleywash8-017
cottonwoodvalleywash8-020  Metate or grinding slick. cottonwoodvalleywash8-023 cottonwoodvalleywash8-026 cottonwoodvalleywash8-032
cottonwoodvalleywash8-034  Metate or grinding slick. cottonwoodvalleywash8-037